Abu Garcia Reels

6 08 2009

Have been a bit obsessed with Abu Garcia reels lately – went to the lengths of resurrecting my Ebay account, first used in 2003, last used in 2005, and “Watching” up to 35 reels of various descriptions, to see what kind of prices they’re going for.

First off, I noticed that it’s not necessarily particularly cheap to buy on Ebay! Even a pack of 100 Kamasan hooks I found was no cheaper than a mail order catalogue I’d got with Sea Angler Magazine. Also, reels rarely include a year of manufacture on the chassis, so it’s almost impossible to tell how old they are. However, I’m sure there are some features on each model that the trained eye knows to look for (for instance, I saw two vintage Abu 6000s, both red, but one with the same ratchet button position on the left hand side plate as an Elite, and one without. I’m sure that has some significance; just not sure what yet!).

I’ve mainly been looking at Abu Rockets and Elites, and the original Mag Elites. One of those went for under £50, which I guess is pretty good. I’ve seen a number of Abu Ambassadeur 6000s from the 70s on there, with cases and even oil bottles, for just under £50 too. Rockets seem to go for around £75.

One reel that I was also quite keen on, and went to the lengths of making several offers on (the auction had “Best Offer” enabled), was an Abu Ambassadeur 650+. This was identical to the first multiplier I ever bought, which I unfortunately lost when I left all of my fishing gear down at the beach after a night fishing session, and it was stolen.

It was a cheaper model than the 6500C3, and had a brass bushing in place of one of the 3 bearings designated in the “C3” part of the model name of that reel. But I was just proud to have a multiplier, and that reel actually meant the world to me! I’d bought it with almost every penny of my birthday money one year, and it cost £69.99, quite a lot for me before full time employment kicked in. So to say I was ultra tempted would be an understatement. In the end, the auction finished while I was at work, so didn’t have time to get a last offer in.. just under £50 would have secured it.

Am currently watching a few models, and am waiting to see how much the service that my mountain bike is in for at the moment costs, before deciding whether to purchase or not. Fingers crossed! Good night 😉



One response

27 10 2009
Abu Garcia Reels

Hey Jim!

Nice to meet another Jim thats over the pond! I have been a fisherman since
I was a teenager and had never heard of abu garcia until I came across it on youtube. I just started fishing with them and its the best reel ever! 🙂

I could not find them in my local Dicks sporting goods here in the U.S. So What
I did is order from cabellas and I also checked out abu garcia’s website. I primarly fish with the 6500GR. I came across your blog and I will return. You
write you are a pro when it comes to the brand. Thanks for the great knowledge.

Jim “Lucky” Rogan

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