Jim’s Angling Diary – About

This is a blog about my sea fishing adventures, which mainly happen in and around Brighton, East Sussex, UK. I first started fishing at about 14 years of age, and continued this great hobby for about 5 years, when the usual stuff took over and the fishing stopped.

Having recently been asked to teach a few friends how to fish, I’ve been re-bitten by the bug, and will use this site to record my trips and catches.

My other blog is about Mountain Biking, another passion of mine. That blog is a true labour of love – every page is hand-coded, the initial reason being that I loved hand coding ASP. I’ve found this a barrier to updating on many occasions, realising that it’s more about the content than the coding ; )

Therefore I’ve chosen good ‘ol WordPress as the platform for this blog – hopefully this’ll mean I update more frequently.

All content is Copyright 2009 Jims Angling Diary

One response

3 11 2009
Jimmy Cairney

Hi Jim, found your blog when looking for info on fishing in Brighton.

I’d love to learn to fish, from the beach ideally.
I am a complete beginner and wondered if you would have any info on good links to webpages or ideas for books I should read?


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