Hotpipes fishing!

11 11 2009

Duncs, Paul and myself went for a Saturday day time session near the hotpipes in Shoreham. Duncs and I started on the same beach as the hotpipes, to the East side, to avoid the tide pulling our terminal tackle in to the snags.Bass, November 2009

When Paul arrived we moved to the adjacent beach because we were a bit cramped with three of us. Bait was a mixture of King Rag and Black Lug; high tide was at 13:40 and we got to the beach about 11:00 – a little later than ideal. The sea was fairly rough, but not too bad, and the wind was blowing towards us.

First fish of the day went to Duncs, with a small school bass – he was put back in after posing for photos. I was next to catch, with another Bass, slightly larger this time. He was also returned asap.

Towards the end of the session I decided to whack several King Rag on at a time, to hopefully attract a bigger fish. I was rewarded with a much larger (but still undersized) Bass – my biggest of the year though). I will now be using slightly bigger baits than usual in a bid to increase the average size of my fish – I’m thinking I’d rather blank than catch some of the tiddlers we catch!Larger Bass, Nov 2009

Bait was from Lagoon Bait and Tackle, and I was rather disappointed with the King – they were on their last legs, so to speak, way past their prime. Hopefully that was a one-off. The Black were pretty fresh. All fish were caught on the King though.

I did take my Blue Yonder with me, still boxed, but decided not to use it. I’ll stick some line on it at home and use it on my next session ; )

An average session – glad I caught the larger Bass, and glad that Duncs caught. Next session we’ll get some bigger stuff!



One response

12 11 2009

Hello matey!
nice write up on the hotpipes πŸ™‚ twas a nice bass, your 2nd catch, i think mine needed a good few years to achieve the same size!
i actually went back to the hotpipes on monday with the remaining bait….the rag was actually still ok~ish, the lug being a bit on the messy side. i did have a mackerel as well, which i used a few strips of….more for a bit of variation than anything else.
i went down at 9am to check out the lie of the land at low tide, and then headed back at 1pm, to give myself a few hours pre high tide (4~ish) tbh, sea was like a mill pond (and sunny conditions) probably werent ideal, but i had a great time as it was ideal for perfecting my casting and gripping techniques….so calm that there wasn’t a milimetre of rod tip movement!!!
i went on the west side of the pipes this time, hoping a little bit of tidal movement would send the scent towards the pipes/groyne ( and hopefully some fish!).
it was very quiet until 4pm, with not a single bite…….but then the rod tip went….i struck….and was pleased to reel in a tub gurnard (lil one) on king rag! he did, however, snarl my rig up (although he was easily unhooked). it was just starting to get dark, so i figured the fish were starting to feed. therefore decided to fire up another 2 hook leger, chucked it out…..and got a bite straight away!!!
struck……reeled in, and there was my second whiting of the year on black lug πŸ™‚ not as big as my first one, but very pretty….probably a little shorter than your bass, but obviously much much slimmer. seems like it was a good job i decided to build another 2 hook leger! threw a few more casts in with the remainng bait, but no more bites. i made sure that i reeled in and changed baits every 15 mins or so as the bait was obviously past its best- seemed like a sensible tactic.
unfortunately my phone went completely bonkers after i took a photo of the tubbie, and i couldn’t turn it on again in order to photo the whiting 😦
next time i’ll be bringing a digi cam also! so all in all very pleased with the session on a static sea….everything went perfectly with every cast arrow straight and gripped! really helped my overall confidence πŸ™‚ happy bunny πŸ˜€
i have now caught 5 of my 8 species twice (gurnard/bass/bream/mackerel/whiting), so just need to up the species count!
on the subject of that, i thought of another fish to add to your total….ling maybe? nige mentioned he has caught quite a few off the beach.
anyways, i’m off to torquay this weekend so won’t be able to fish, but if you go, good hunting, and tight lines πŸ˜‰

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