All night fishing

24 08 2010

Went on my first fishing trip in a while, last Saturday. Venue was the Norfolk Groyne, and I went with Malc and John. We had a variety of baits, including shop bought King Rag and Black Lug, as well as some Red Rag, courtesy of Malc.

High tide was about 4:00am so we aimed for a 12:00am start. The sea was flat calm, and weather conditions mild. I got there on time to see that Malc and John had secured the venue, bargain.

20 minutes later I was set up and my 2-up, 1-down paternoster blasted out.

Malc had already caught a small Flounder by this time, but of course that didn’t count for our 50p-for-the-first-fish wager as we weren’t all cast out by that point.

Malc went on to convincingly win the most fish caught, with the Flounder, 1 Bass, and 6 Black Bream. I caught a fairly sizeable Bass, which went straight back. I went on to catch a double shot, of Bass and Black Bream (on the Right side of the groyne, where Malcs Bream were coming from). John blanked.

We packed up at around 7:00am, after a long but very enjoyable session.



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