Fishing memoirs 95-99 – August

6 08 2009

As I’ve said somewhere else in this site, I first fished between the ages of around 14 and 19.. at the time of writing, I’m 28, so there has been a gap of around 10 years.

However, for some years, I kept a record of the fish I caught, from which venues I caught them, and the tactics I used. I recently found the book (a Woolworths special), and had great fun reading through it.

Thought it would be fun, for me to look back on more than anything, to write up my memoirs, word for word on here. So, as we’re in August, here’s the memoirs for August! This covers catches from several years – unfortunately, I didn’t record the specific year for each report. This is my fave month for fishing, and it shows – it has more content than any other month! I have made some comments where necessary – these are in [red with square brackets].


I foul hooked a smoothhound on the Norfolk Groyne whilst using a two hook paternoster and red rag.

Sole caught on Red / Black on the above rig / 2 hook boom close to the side of the groyne.

Beware of the Weever caught on red down the side – they look like small Pout [JC – Uncle Malc got stung by one and sucked the poison out of his hand, then carried on fishing. L.E.G.E.N.D!].

Flounder caught on sliders cast out. Very small Bass down side to float on Red Rag.

Eel also on Red Rag / Black on Norfolk to slider tactics cast out.

Scad [JC – otherwise known as Horse Mackerel] at Brighton Marina on the float to Mackerel strip – they give a good account of themselves on light tackle.Mackerel caught on the same tactics

Wrasse caught on inside and outside of West Arm to King Rag on sliding leger rig. Blennies can also be caught using these tactics and rigs woo!

I caught a 4lb, 4oz MULLET [JC – yes, it was capitalised in the book ;-)] using Red Rag on a set up consisting of 30lb class Conoflex boat rod, Penn 85L Sea Boy multiplier, 1/0 hook and one hell of a lot of Reg Rag on the hook. Otherwise known as the “How not to catch a Mullet” set up.

Malcs mate Paul caught a 2.5lb Codling on the same session to Peeler Crab on an unknown rig.

School Bass still to float at NG.

During a session on Kingston Beach, Nigel and Malc caiught Bass and Eels on sliders and Red Rag whilst I blanked.

It was about this time when we fished from the pier like structure on Kingston Beach known as the Thru’penny Bit. Using daylights and casting back towards the beach on the river side of the pier, close to the structure, I caught on consecutive casts, 3 Pollack of about 1lb.

Smelt down the side on float at NG. Also caught Flounder on a cast parallel to the beach about 20-30 yards from the shore. Still Bass on float on NG.

Eels, Flounder and Bass to be caught on Red Rag in [JC – Shoreham] harbour. Flounder near or far side. Eel down the side and up a few turns, and Bass in centre channel on slider.

NIGHT Wrasse also down the side.

For Mackerel on the Marina, conditions have to be spot on for good catches. These are slightly overcast, muggy with a slight ripple. Had hook in the head in 96 [JC – from an idiot who thought side casting would be fun on a crowded harbour arm. Cousin Rick had to be convinced that he didn’t deserve to be thrown off the Marina, and I ended up in A+E, advising the nurse, who didn’t have a clue, that as a fairly cheap steel is used in the construction of Mackerel feathers, pliers / wire cutters would probably go through them – they did].

Eastbourne Pier – spent loads on bait and tackle, £3 on trainfare – didn’t have any cash left between us and didn’t realise you have to pay £2 to fish there! We fished the beach, and caught Bass, and I caught a Gurnard (foul hooked). Red, Blow and King all successful.

Caught Smoothie in ’98 on 2 hook Paternoster – not foul hooked!



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