First Ebay-bought Abu!

7 08 2009

I bought my first reel from Ebay today, an Abu 6500CS Rocket, converted to CT cage. Buying price was £31 including postage. A combination of the description, and the buying price, show that the reel is not exactly going to be a masterpiece when it gets here! The description mentions chafage on the side plates etc but states “good working order” so I’m expecting a functional, if not pretty, reel. Hope the seller doesn’t mind me putting up a picture of the Ebay listing!

Abu 6500 Rocket

Abu 6500 Rocket

I still have my eyes on two other reels, which pretty much look like bargains (will disclose the model once I decide whether to buy or not), but was gutted to miss out on an auction for two CT-converted Abu’s, one a 6000 and the other a 6500. Again, not great condition, but working and potential for fixing up.

Apart from that, the 650+ I talked about in my previous post has been re-listed. This is, however, a similar price to the above mentioned reels which are more desirable, so I’m holding off for a while to think it over properly. Considering visiting some car boots again tomorrow, and will hopefully have a mid-day fishing session Sunday (although Saturday night will be my first clubbing session in 6 weeks – I’m envisioning a cheap night out, but a *slight* hangover on Sunday ;-)). We’ll see!