Happy new year!

12 01 2010

It’s been a while and there is a very clear reason for this – I’ve not been doing any fishing. A combination of moving to a new flat halfway through December, Christmas, New Year, and the shite weather have meant that fishing has taken a back burner.

January is very much a scratchy month – I’d hope to connect with a few Whiting (didn’t catch any in 2009!), but would expect Pout and Rockling to form the mainstay of the catch.. which isn’t much of a motivation!

Will be keeping an eye on the weather and planning a trip or two soon. In the meantime, tight lines!

No fishing ; (

30 11 2009

Haven’t been fishing since my last session by the hot pipes. This is mainly due to the horrific sea conditions since then – the sea has been a complete maelstrom.

Currently there is a northerly wind, which has made the sea flat calm, but I’m unable to get out till the weekend, so I’m hoping that it stays calm for then!

I’ve decided that I will be unleashing my new Blue Yonder too, so am planning to take a quick look at the brake configuration, load it with new line, etc, to ensure it’s ready for the first trip.. can’t wait!

Weekend fishing

3 11 2009

Well, it looks like the weekend may be a prime one for a good fishing session – a 6m+ tide, at about 2am on Sunday morning – perfect. Tide wise that is! The weather looks set to be light rain and 21mph winds! I’m gagging to connect with the Whiting – especially as Duncs had one on his last session ; )

I’ve been preparing by building up 3 hook Paternosters, and putting fresh line on my Elite, due to having had a few snap offs in the last few sessions. Still debating whether or not to unleash the Blue Yonder, as I haven’t even had a cast with it yet. Can’t wait!

Species, tactics and venue Hitlist – Update

27 10 2009

So, just over two months ago, in August, I wrote about the species I’d caught up to that point in the year, and those that I wanted to catch before the year was out, the venues I wanted to use, and the tactics I wanted to employ. Thought I’d give a little update as the Summer season has very nearly ended (Bass still relatively prolific, and I did see a shoal of Mackerel two sessions ago..).

The species from my hitlist that I can now add to my “caught” :

  • Smoothhound
  • Sole

I think I’ve probably missed out on

  • Garfish

But am still pretty hopeful about catching

  • Bigger Bass
  • Whiting
  • Plaice
  • Dabs
  • Codling

A few Codling in the Winter season would really compensate for the general terrible conditions that I’ll be fishing in, and I absolutely love Whiting, the bread and butter winter fish.

In terms of tactics, I haven’t yet managed to get in a rough ground fishing session or fishing from the Marina. I have managed to vary venues a fair bit though, with the Banjo beach, King Alfred Beach and Shoreham beach (along Basin Road South) being fished for the first time.

Here’s to a successful Winter season – tight lines!

Calm seas ahoy

30 09 2009

Particularly excited about the fact that the sea has been so calm in recent days – hopefully this represents the start of a winter of no weed, to make up for the awfully weedy Summer! Woohoo! (Touch Wood)

Happy Holidays ; )

13 09 2009

Won’t be fishing for a week or so, as I’m off to Zante for a bit of sun. I did contemplate taking the telescopic rod I talked about here, but decided against it on account of the amount of space that all the other gear would take up.

Tight lines!

Planned fishing session

21 08 2009


I’ve been waiting patiently for tomorrows planned fishing session – depending on which source you use, the tide is quoted as either a 6.8m or 7.0m – fantastic! Slightly concerned about the condition of the sea though. I’ve been keeping an eye on it, and it seemed OK at about 7:00 this morning, if a little surfy, but at lunch time today, although not too rough, there was an absolute *shiteload* of weed around. These pics were taken from the Groyne next to Oh So’s down on the beach – there was so much weed it was floating on top of the water.

I’m really hoping that it calms down before tomorrow night, and we get a decent session off of the ******* ****** (he he – venue still a secret), but regardless of venue this should be one to remember. CANNOT WAIT. Planning a bait digging session tomorrow to supplement our Red Rag supply, and will get the usual King, plus some Black Lug from the shop. Will supplement this with some Sandeel, and some Mackerel, some of which I’m planning to use as chum for the venue.

More weed..

More weed..

I’ll be buying some size 2/0 or 3/0 hooks for some *big* bait, hopefully to tempt a few nice Bass. Woohoo!

August is my favourite fishing month, so I’ll be expecting quite a few Bass, some nice Sole, Founder, Eels, Bream, Thornback Ray and my ultimate catch would be a Smoothhound – regardless of size these fish put up such a magnificent fight, I love ’em!

PS. happy one month anniversary, Blog!