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17 08 2009

Received the Abu 6500 GR on Saturday, so as is tradition, I decided to take it apart, have a little look inside, and give it a service.

The reel was a bit crusty with salt etc, but a good old clean up with a toothbrush etc and it actually polished up pretty well. It turns out that this model was built in 1985, and the first thing I noticed upon dismantling the reel, was that the spindle was built in to the spool (much like a Daiwa Millionnaire 7HT, or at least the Millionnaire 2, one of which Nigel used to have) and the bearings mounted in the side plates.

Having cleaned up, oiled and greased the right hand side plate, I set about taking the left one off. This turned out to be a bit of a mistake – I didn’t realise that the slider for the magnetic brake adjustment was attached to a component which sits next to the spool (the magnet holder?), by the fiddliest spring known to man! I put the reel back together after cleaning it up, and promptly realised that the spool wouldn’t turn!

Abu 6500GR and 6500 CS Rocket

Abu 6500GR and 6500 CS Rocket

This was due to the spring not having been positioned correctly – queue about 3/4 of a hour trying to get the thing to go back together, which I eventually managed, in the process gleaning an insight in to the workings of the reel. Once the old line had been replaced with new, clear 15lb line, it really looked the part! It also had a proper CT conversion, as per the Rocket.

I meant to have a few casts with it in my session on Sunday, but the fishing took precedence and I didn’t get a chance – hence it’s casting ability (and that of the CS Rocket) are as yet untested. Will get around to having a few casts with them, perhaps over grass rather than in salt water, just to get a feel for them, before considering them part of my “collection”.

I took a few pictures of the reels, but most of them turned out to be a bit rubbish, apart from this one.

Abu 6500CS Rocket Arrives

12 08 2009

Took delivery of my 6500CS Rocket, bought from Ebay, this morning. Initial impressions are that the reel is pretty much as described, so not in perfect condition, but I was glad to see that the CT conversion used a proper replacement bar, rather than the other method I’ve often seen, where the level wind bar is removed and the holes sealed, but the top bar is left in place. That negates one of the benefits of a CT cage, which is to be able to get a better grip on the spool for casting, due to the open cage.

Partially dismantled the reel, and realised that the bearings are stuck in the spool, so popped out to buy some 3-in-1, and applied it, to make them easier to remove once I get home. also bought some lighter fluid to soak the bearings from all my reels after the next fishing trip.

Also noticed that the instant anti-reverse is not instant any more, and when you spin the handle fast and hold on to it, the gears slip round inside the side plate. So will have a look inside and see what needs to be replaced.

Servicing Abu Garcia 6500C3CT Elite Multiplier

12 08 2009

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Servicing an Abu Garcia 6500C3CT Elite Multiplier 

1. Reel before dismantling

Servicing an Abu Garcia 6500 C3 CT Elite