Abu Garcia Reel Oil

23 07 2009
Abu Garcia Reel Oil
Abu Garcia Reel Oil

Finally took delivery of the reel maintenance oil I ordered online a few weeks ago from Angling Direct.. it took so long to turn up that I’d bought some rocket oil on my last visit to the fishing shop and used that to service my reels, but as there are only 4ml in each tube I guess having two’s not a bad thing.

It contains two tubes, one “reel oil” which looks like the one you get with new Abu’s (certainly with multipliers anyway), and a tube of “reel lube”. I assumed this would be grease, but will be interesting to find out what it actually is.. maybe a heavier weight oil. Cost was about £10 including postage.

I’m a keen mountain biker, and I’m doing the “South Downs Way Randonnee” on Saturday, which involves riding 100 miles off-road, over the South Downs, for the British Heart Foundation. This usually takes me 14+ hours, so am knackered by the end of it – no fishing for me on Saturday then ; (

I’ll be more likely to get out on Monday, when I have a day off (recovery from the bike ride!) – according to the BBC there’s a 6.5 metre tide, at about 15:00 – perfect!

On a different note, I can’t believe that although this blog is only two days, the content has already been stolen by another site, probably a content harvester. It hasn’t copied the images as well though, which makes it look a bit strange considering the text talks about them! Thieving gits.



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