New fishing gear

28 07 2009
£1 Lures!

£1 Lures!

Went out in my lunch break today, and in search for a lanyard or two (one of the items on my wish list), popped in to the 99p shop in town. Didn’t really find anything of use, until on my way out, I went past an aisle which actually had some fishing gear in it! I saw the lures first – these were in packs of three with two of each pack closely resembling an Abu Toby, and the other, a spinner – probably more suited to freshwater. I bought two packs of these, as I’d lost one of Pauls after having forgotten to flip the bail arm over whilst casting on my spinning rod a few weeks ago. Doh!

Next on the list of puchases was a telescopic rod. This will probably prove surplus to requirements, but I thought it was pretty comical (and it may come in useful for catching Pouting down the side of the arm at the Marina or something) so bought it. It’s 1.65m long.

There was also an object described on the packaging as a “landing net”, but due to my perception that a landing net needs a handle, which it didn’t have, bought it anyway, thinking that it might actually be a drop net. As it turns out, it’s a landing net – without a handle. It looks like it may be possible to adapt it to a drop net.

I also bought some weighing scales – I’m not expecting much at all from these, but again, thought them a pretty funny purchase – they may even work! With all of that for under £5, you can’t go wrong really! I’d be lying if I said I’d got a fixed spool for £1 too, but you can’t have the world ; )

I’m looking to get some more bargains on Saturday, when I’m planning on an early morning trip to a local car boot sale, to try and pick up some vintage reels to start my collection. Photos of todays bargains to come soon ; )

Telescopic Rod

Telescopic Rod

My actual wish list of tackle, as started during yesterdays fishing session on Kingston Beach, is as follows:

  • New reel bags x 3 – 2 for my multipliers and one for a fixed spool. My current reel bag is 12-13 years old, and the zip is slightly rusty.
  • New fishing bag – my current one has an integrated seat, which I quite like, but due to its’ age, is quite beaten up and quite frankly, a bit pongy ; )
  • Bigger tackle box – to fit in my lead weights and spools of shock leader / Amnesia at the same time
  • Several lanyards, one of which I’ve seen with an integrated set of clippers.

Knowing me, I envisage this list growing! I’ll update it here as it does – should be a useful reminder for me.