No fishing ; (

30 11 2009

Haven’t been fishing since my last session by the hot pipes. This is mainly due to the horrific sea conditions since then – the sea has been a complete maelstrom.

Currently there is a northerly wind, which has made the sea flat calm, but I’m unable to get out till the weekend, so I’m hoping that it stays calm for then!

I’ve decided that I will be unleashing my new Blue Yonder too, so am planning to take a quick look at the brake configuration, load it with new line, etc, to ensure it’s ready for the first trip.. can’t wait!

Hotpipes fishing!

11 11 2009

Duncs, Paul and myself went for a Saturday day time session near the hotpipes in Shoreham. Duncs and I started on the same beach as the hotpipes, to the East side, to avoid the tide pulling our terminal tackle in to the snags.Bass, November 2009

When Paul arrived we moved to the adjacent beach because we were a bit cramped with three of us. Bait was a mixture of King Rag and Black Lug; high tide was at 13:40 and we got to the beach about 11:00 – a little later than ideal. The sea was fairly rough, but not too bad, and the wind was blowing towards us.

First fish of the day went to Duncs, with a small school bass – he was put back in after posing for photos. I was next to catch, with another Bass, slightly larger this time. He was also returned asap.

Towards the end of the session I decided to whack several King Rag on at a time, to hopefully attract a bigger fish. I was rewarded with a much larger (but still undersized) Bass – my biggest of the year though). I will now be using slightly bigger baits than usual in a bid to increase the average size of my fish – I’m thinking I’d rather blank than catch some of the tiddlers we catch!Larger Bass, Nov 2009

Bait was from Lagoon Bait and Tackle, and I was rather disappointed with the King – they were on their last legs, so to speak, way past their prime. Hopefully that was a one-off. The Black were pretty fresh. All fish were caught on the King though.

I did take my Blue Yonder with me, still boxed, but decided not to use it. I’ll stick some line on it at home and use it on my next session ; )

An average session – glad I caught the larger Bass, and glad that Duncs caught. Next session we’ll get some bigger stuff!

Weekend fishing

3 11 2009

Well, it looks like the weekend may be a prime one for a good fishing session – a 6m+ tide, at about 2am on Sunday morning – perfect. Tide wise that is! The weather looks set to be light rain and 21mph winds! I’m gagging to connect with the Whiting – especially as Duncs had one on his last session ; )

I’ve been preparing by building up 3 hook Paternosters, and putting fresh line on my Elite, due to having had a few snap offs in the last few sessions. Still debating whether or not to unleash the Blue Yonder, as I haven’t even had a cast with it yet. Can’t wait!

Blustery Norfolk Groyne session

27 10 2009

Arranged a night fishing session with Malc and John on Saturday night. The tide was at around 3:30am, so we agreed to meet and be set up by about 11:30pm. I decided on a power nap before leaving, so got my gear ready, and went to bed, setting my alarm for 10:30. This would give me, I reasoned, half an hour to “wake up” and make sure everything was packed, and half an hour to get to the venue.

Unfortunately, I didn’t wake up until 11:30, so had to get ready in a real hurry. Luckily, I was out of the door pretty quickly, just needing to get my waterproofs on and pack the bait.

I got down to the groyne at about 12:00am, and saw that M and J were already at the venue, with M almost ready to cast. I quickly set about tackling up, deciding on a three hook paternoster as the rig – I’d built two earlier in the day.

Conditions we very blustery, and bite spotting was nigh on impossible. I relied on reeling in every 20-30 minutes, as false positives caused by the tide were getting frustrating.

On my second cast I caught a fairly sizeable Eel – he may have been 3/4 lb. Being the first fish, it won me 50p from each of my uncles ; )

The going was very slow on this session, with the wind was biting and the tide incredibly strong. However, fortune favours the bold, and we persevered with the tough conditions. I used a mixture of Black Lug and King Rag as bait, occasionally adding a mackerel strip.

I managed another Eel before the end of the session, and J caught a nice plump Eel, the biggest of the session, earning him 50p from each M and myself. I didn’t actually pay this (soz unc!), but reasoned that the most fish was worth 50p too, cancelling out my payment ; )

I had a bit of a nightmare few casts towards the end of the session – I was casting out and setting the grappling weight OK, but upon striking, the line was snapping. Strange, as the line was only about 4 sessions old. Definitely needs to be replaced!

Overall a really tough session, highlighted by the low catch volume, and the fact that M blanked.. almost unheard of. Glad I didn’t blank though! Photos to come.

Species, tactics and venue Hitlist – Update

27 10 2009

So, just over two months ago, in August, I wrote about the species I’d caught up to that point in the year, and those that I wanted to catch before the year was out, the venues I wanted to use, and the tactics I wanted to employ. Thought I’d give a little update as the Summer season has very nearly ended (Bass still relatively prolific, and I did see a shoal of Mackerel two sessions ago..).

The species from my hitlist that I can now add to my “caught” :

  • Smoothhound
  • Sole

I think I’ve probably missed out on

  • Garfish

But am still pretty hopeful about catching

  • Bigger Bass
  • Whiting
  • Plaice
  • Dabs
  • Codling

A few Codling in the Winter season would really compensate for the general terrible conditions that I’ll be fishing in, and I absolutely love Whiting, the bread and butter winter fish.

In terms of tactics, I haven’t yet managed to get in a rough ground fishing session or fishing from the Marina. I have managed to vary venues a fair bit though, with the Banjo beach, King Alfred Beach and Shoreham beach (along Basin Road South) being fished for the first time.

Here’s to a successful Winter season – tight lines!