Banjo Beach Fishing

16 10 2009

Duncs and I both have the same week off of work, so had arranged a few fishing sessions. There was a toss up between Worthing Pier and one of the beaches near to the Marina as venue; we went for the beach, as Duncs’ dog, Sparky, came along for the session.

We ended up about 30-40 yards from the “Banjo”, a groyne shaped, surprisingly like a banjo; quite a popular mark in the city.

Smoothhound, Banjo Groyne Beach, Oct 2009

Smoothhound, Banjo Groyne Beach, Oct 2009

The sea was really calm, and the day was bright and sunny – not stereotypically brilliant conditions for good catches but sitting in the sun was pleasant enough in itself.

We had King Rag and Black Lug as bait, and I cast out using a sliding leger and put the ratchet on. Duncs cast out the first rig he’d built 100% by himself (nice one dude!), just a it was time for me to reel in. I boshed on another two King Rag baits, and within 5 minutes got a tug on the line, setting off the ratchet (the lazy fishermans bite indicator!).

I would in a little slack, walked down to the shoreline and struck hard to set the hook. There was a noticable fight with this one, and I though it may have been a Bass. When I got the tackle to the shore however, I was delighted to have caught a Smoothhound (albeit a fairly small one), one of my target species for the year.

After posing for some photos he went straight back in a swam away strongly.

I was almost as chuffed when Duncs reeled in, having caught a very sizeable Tub Gurnard, bigger than the one I’d caught a few weeks back, so a nice fish, but more importantly, a fish that ended a 3 session fishless run for him. He went straight back after posing for a few photos.

Gurnard, Banjo Groyne Beach, Oct 2009

Gurnard, Banjo Groyne Beach, Oct 2009

Both fish were caught during daylight hours, and nothing else was caught for the rest of the evening. We packed up just as high tide arrived – I’d snapped my shock leader off striking, and then snapped my rig off on the next cast, so it wasn’t worth setting up again.

All in all, really pleased to have caught a great species, and also that Duncs caught a fish, and a new species at that.