“Nursery School Bass” at Kingston

1 09 2009

Once again my plans to fish an open beach venue were scarpered by poor weather conditions, so I headed to Kingston Beach, grateful that I’d got King for bait.

This proved to be a hard session; I can’t put my finger on what it was exactly, but things didn’t seem to come together. Bait was King Rag, and I’d also bought some frozen Mackerel, chunks of which I lashed to a 3/0 hook at various points, to at least¬†provide a good scent, if not to catch (Mackerel is not a great bait from this venue). It was incredibly windy, and the tide was a 4.8m, at 20:00. The session started at about 17:00.

I’d bought some booms from the bait shop earlier in the day, and once both rods were out and fishing, I set about building a three hook boom rig, in a two up, one down configuration. This rig was about 5 feet long altogether, which was well suited to my decision to start using the “Off the Ground” (OTG) cast, instead of an overhead thump. I did this with mixed results; overall, I don’t think distance was increased too much, but a lot less effort was going in to achieving the distance. Once I get the technique sorted, and can start putting power down, this should translate to more distance.

Ended up with two Bass during the session, but these were embarrassingly small – at about three inches they were only just longer than my fingers! There were both caught at fair distance, on King Rag, and both fell to my boom rig, which I was pretty happy about. I did get a photo of the second one, but that was on my digital camera (it was dark by this time so didn’t bother with the camera phone), and I haven’t transferred it yet.

Nursery School Bass ; )

Nursery School Bass ; )

I’d taken both my 6500 Rocket and my 6500GR, with a view to having a cast or two, to see what they’re like.¬†I got in a few casts with each, but didn’t use shock leader so was limited to a gentle overhead thump, not ideal. Both reels have about a centimetre of back wind after reeling, which means either that they didn’t have the “Instant Anti Reverse” feature of newer Abu reels, or that the Instant Anti Reverse bearings are worn. I think the Rocket should have this, being made around 1996, but the GR, which was produced in 1985, may not.

Overall a slightly disappointing session, but was glad not to blank in what were difficult conditions.