Kingston Beach Fishing

21 07 2009
My Gurnard, modelled by Malc

My Gurnard, modelled by Malc, 19.7.2009

Had a 4/5 hour session with my uncles Malc and John on Saturday night. Original plan was to hit the Norfolk Groyne, but the sea was incredibly rough. we settled on Kingston Beach – much calmer.

I arrived about an hour after M and J, and promptly realised I’d forgotten my multipliers – doh! Luckily, J had a spare 6500C3 going, and I had a spare rod with screw winch reel fitting – my main rod, a Daiwa Procaster, has coasters, which are kept in my reel bag.

We had fresh red rag, peeler and fresh lug courtesy of M, and I’d bought a few packs of King, to make up for the fact that due to a bike ride that day, I couldn’t go digging.

First fish went to M, a flounder.. not sure of the bait but it was red I think. he went on to catch another 5 or so Bass throughout the session, which J and I teased him about – they were the size of goldfish! Ha ha.

As high tide approached I caught a reasonably sized Tub Gurnard, a pretty fish, on King. He went back in straight away. I then went on to catch one of M’s goldfish sized Schoolie Bass, who went back straight away too. I was mainly using red throughout the session, with the occasional peeler, switching to King later on as the red ran out. Would have used more peeler if I’d been more organised but the convenience of worm won over this time round.

It did rain for a little while, but it wasn’t too bad, and it was good to catch up – just like old times. I can see myself getting back in to this!



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